March 30, 2017

Five Things To Do Before Hiring a Makeup Artist

Five Things To Do Before Hiring a Makeup Artist:

Whether you are getting pictures done or you recently got engaged, hiring a makeup artist can have many benefits. I often get told that my clients "just don't know where to start" and truthfully, it can be a little overwhelming for some. Today I have compiled a list of things that can help you narrow down the perfect artist for your special occasion, so that you can take the first steps to booking the perfect artist for you!


These days there are many articles discussing "Professional Makeup Artists" and their sanitary policies, makeup gone wrong, etc. So how do you know who to hire? Research, and ask questions. Lots of questions. Some one charging a low rate, is charging that for a reason. Find out why!


Your makeup artist should have a portfolio. Look at it! Please note: a person who has a portfolio of their own makeup, on their own face is NOT a makeup artist. I'm not saying that person doesn't have skill or talent, but doing makeup on your self is so different than doing makeup on someone else. Make sure that the artist has a portfolio that pleases you. Every Makeup Artist has a style, and not all of them will match your desired look so make sure it matches the style you are going for. You should be hiring someone experienced in doing makeup on other face shapes, eye shapes, skin tones, and they should have experience in covering up dark circles, birth marks, scars, etc.  


Once you select a Makeup Artist that has a style you love, you should schedule a consult. Most Makeup Artists will do a free consult if not in person, over the phone. Consultations are important for several reasons, it gives you the opportunity to meet or talk ahead of time. You can narrow down details on the date being available, what types of fees they charge, if they will travel to you, etc. It also gives your makeup artist time to go over pricing details, important contract information, and get all of the details about your special day.


This is something that is so important. Brides should be booking at least 3 months ahead of time to ensure their spot is secured. Don't wait until the last few weeks or the Artist you really want to hire, probably wont be available for the big day especially during wedding season!


I have been fortunate enough to never have an issue with contracts, but I know many artists who have. Make sure you thoroughly read your contracts so that you don't have any questions later. If you address questions ahead of time that will make the process that much smoother! If anything is not stated in the contract and you are still left with questions, please make sure you ask! 

Thanks for reading!

December 9, 2016

The Importance of Makeup for your Senior Session

A few weeks ago, Mel B Photography asked me to write a post on the importance of makeup for your senior session. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I wanted to go just a little bit further, and not only tell you that makeup is important, but show you that it is. And though this post for now is directed towards seniors, this also applies to brides, family photos, engagement photos. You name it, the same is true. Makeup in photos is so very important!

Makeup is a fantastic thing to have for your senior photos. My job as a Makeup Artist is more than just slapping on some makeup. I have to have a lot of knowledge of where to place product that it will make you look your very best, what products mix together, and what ones don't. Every makeup application is geared towards not only the event, but your face shape, eye shape, eye color, skin tone, your clothes, and even accessories. Everything!

I posted a model call a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping to find the perfect girl to really showcase everyone's talent. Miss. Anna was a perfect fit! I did tell her that I wanted her to do her own makeup to start. I asked her to do makeup as the average high school girl would, and she came just perfectly! She actually did a really great job with her own makeup. It looked so good in person!

But that was exactly the point I wanted to prove. I know, as well as every Pro Artist knows, that every day makeup, and makeup for photography are two very different things. We took a before photo of her in her makeup, and then I took her makeup off completely and started from scratch. I really wanted to showcase Anna's beautiful features. Her smile, her gorgeous baby blues, and her killer brows were my main focus, but truthfully, she was just perfect all around! Her reaction to her makeup was the best thing I have been in my almost two years of doing makeup. I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up, just a little.

Her makeup after does not make her any more beautiful, It only enhances the beauty that was already there, but the other plus to getting your hair and makeup professionally done is that you feel more beautiful. Now you can see with your own eyes the importance of makeup in your senior session. You not only have your makeup looking better in your photos, but you feel more confident, and you will be ready to rock the camera!

Photos Done by the amazing MelB Photography. You can find her blog post here, and read what she had to say about this Senior Session!

September 15, 2015

Tony's Grove Photo Shoot: Sierra

I am so behind on blogging that at this point I just don't even know where I should start! In the past month I have had many beautiful clients, many amazing experiences, learning opportunities, and of course... struggles. This past month my car completely broke down, my daughter broke her leg, my laptop broke, and many other things, making life bit more difficult than it normally is (you know, when it rains, it pours!)

Times like these always make it harder to keep going, but somehow we manage to carry on, forgetting that they ever happened. This Photo shoot is similar in many ways. Right as soon as we got set up at our shooting spot, a heavy rain came pouring in! My sweet model Sierra did her very best at trying to shield her face from the rain, but some things are just beyond our control. We braced the crazy rain for a good few minutes and once it started to slow down, the beautiful sun came shining through and everyone's day was saved. Luckily all of the products I used on Sierra were water proof and it needed very little touching up! 

Sierra was so amazing to work with. She was an incredible sport about getting in the water, and climbing trees, even in her gorgeous dress. Sometimes I work with such amazing people, and it really blows my mind! Here are some images from this gorgeous day from the photographers that I worked with: Plums Photography and Kennedy Kiara Photography. Feel free to check out more on their sites.  


Sometimes I just need to remind myself that even though there are dark times, something amazing is just around the corner.

July 7, 2015

Give Away Collaberation

When someone asks me to collaborate or be a part of their team, I truly feel so grateful for the opportunity. I am thankful that someone sees my work as worthy of having on their project and that is the biggest honor. When Adornit and Amber Lindhardt Photography asked me if I would be willing to collaborate for an Instagram giveaway I was so excited!


Elise was announced our winner and meeting her was such an awesome experience. She is so kind hearted, and she has an amazing personality. I love my job and getting to meet new people. Elise is such a fun personality, and I am so happy for her engagement, and her awesome win! She deserved it.
Elise got to have a free mini Engagement photo session with Amber Lindhardt Photography, a $75.00 gift card to Adornit (where she picked out this gorgeous tulle skirt), and makeup by me, she even let me play with her hair, which was so much fun! Here are some photos from their fun day!


June 12, 2015

Styled Shoot with Kylee Ann Photography


I don't think there is anything that could make my day more than a photographer asking me to do the makeup for a photo-shoot. It gives me such a great feeling, knowing they have that kind of confidence in my work. When Kylee asked me if I would be willing to do the makeup for a model in her upcoming promotional video I was so excited. Kylee is such a fantastic photographer and a sweet heart of a person, so of course I said yes! Check out more of this lovely session on her photography page
Our original model couldn't make it, but luckily Makayla and her FiancĂ© Dusty were able to come in and help us out! Makayla was so sweet, and so grateful! I absolutely loved being her hair and makeup artist for the day. She is going to make such a beautiful bride!

They are such a sweet couple! For Makayla I stuck with a pretty basic look. Details of products used below:
Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette:
*Unlimited on lid
*Unwind, and Unedited in Crease
*Uninhibited inner eye highlight
*Undressed for brow highlight
 Makeup Geek Blushes:
*Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


May 30, 2015

Photo Shoot with Erin Holmstead Photography and Carrie Purser

My final day for my Makeup Artistry Apprenticeship has come and passed. It was a day that I thought would never arrive, and yet, it came before I was ready for it to be over. Carrie Purser will forever be my friend, my mentor, and my idol. I am so extremely thankful for everything she has done for me. On our last day I was given an assignment: A Four Page Beauty Story. As I sat there for days debating what a "beauty story" actually was, I came up with the idea of showing what I know, and showing who I am: a lover of nature, and natural beauty. I wanted to combine both of these ideas, while using techniques of what I have learned throughout my course. I wanted my makeup, and accessories to flow along with the nature theme. I wanted a soft flow, of hair, accessories, and clothing. If you couldn't tell by now... My brain thinks way too much into things (and I completely missed the concept).
I might have missed the concept a bit, but its all learning. I feel good being honest about who I am, where I started, and how far I have come. Huge thanks to Erin Holmstead Photography for shooting this for us, she has some amazing techniques for getting that perfect shot. Also huge thanks to Carrie Purser, for her amazing talent with hair, and for making all of this happen!

April 27, 2015

DIY Brush Holder From Candle Jar

I try to save money wherever I can and sometimes that means recycling items I already own to get another use out of it. This DIY brush holder is the perfect example!
I start by using candle jars that I've already purchased. The ones from Bath and Body Works are my favorite size! They are easy to clean, they don't have any plastic rims, and they hold a large amount of brushes. The first thing you want to do is remove the sticker on the front of the jar. I don't remove the bottom sticker yet, because with a little soap and water it rubs right off.

Next, grab a cup of boiling hot water, and place your glass jar in an empty sink. Gently pour the boiling water into your glass and please be careful not to splash yourself! Then you wait. You can let this sit until cool or let it sit overnight. What this does, is it brings that extra bit of candle that doesn't burn and melts it to the top of the jar. Once it is cooled the melted wax, floats to the top and hardens, making it a super easy clean up. You can easily remove this, and toss it away. You may need to repeat this a couple of times until all of the wax is removed, but usually if you use hot enough water it does the trick. You should be left with something like this.

Next, remove that bottom sticker, and the wick tabs at the bottom. They are glued down, but usually fairly easy to remove. A spoon or metal scraper of some kind will be the easiest to use. Wash with warm soap and water and voila! A clean jar! Feel free to place beads, pearls, rocks, diamonds, whatever you want in your jar for your brushes. Just as an example, I placed fabric at the bottom of mine. You don't have to use anything if you don't want to.